Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's been a while and a whole lot has changed!!

Since we last updated our blog approximately 70 days have passed and we received some incredible and life changing news, we are expecting! Most of you probably already knew that, but just in case you missed the memo, it is true. Jenny or more accurately the baby inside of Jenny is a little over nine weeks along. According to our doctors appointment last week, the baby is healthy and developing at a normal rate! We are very excited to be expanding our family though we know there will be challenges as we enter into this large change in our life. Your prayers are appreciated as we figure out the logistics of having a little one to feed and care for while I'm in seminary and only working part time. Our hope is that I'll be able to get the resident assistant position here at McCormick as that would provide free housing as payment.

As you might guess Jenny is pretty sick or at least she doesn't feel very well most of the time. She is more than ready to move past this stage of being sick and tired! The first trimester will be done in less than three weeks so we're hoping the second trimester will bring some relief.

I'm taking four classes this semester so I'm very busy with a large workload. I have to read around 300 pages a week as well as do a writing assignment for all four classes. Combine that with work and the normal life activities and the days have been flying by and there hasn't been much sleep in between. However, I have been enjoying my classes and I think I will learn a great deal this semester. I forgot to mention that my classes are: Theology, Christian Ethics, Urban Ministry and History of Christianity 1450-present.

Prayer requests:
Jenny and the Baby's health
Matt's classes
Matt's RA application process
Our life changes and the decisions to be made

Thank you all for your prayers and general support!
Grace and Peace,
Matt and Jenny